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International Roadcheck Sept. 9-11

On March 25, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) postponed its 2020 International Roadcheck due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. CVSA has now rescheduled the 72-hour event for Sept. 9-11. This year’s enforcement initiative will focus on the driver requirements component of a roadside inspection.

Driver inspection

For the driver portion of an inspection, the inspector will collect and verify the driver’s documents, identify the motor carrier, examine the driver’s license, check record of duty status and review periodic inspection reports, according to CVSA. If applicable, the inspector will check the Medical Examiner’s Certificate, Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate and the driver’s daily vehicle inspection report.

Inspectors will also check drivers for:

  • Seat belt usage
  • Illness
  • Fatigue
  • Apparent alcohol or drug possession or impairment

Drivers found to be operating without the proper driver credentials, in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, operating while ill, fatigued or showing other signs of impairment, or in violation of hours-of-service rules may be placed out of service.

More inspection info can be found HERE