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What Bruckner’s is Doing

At Bruckner’s, we are committed to doing our part to keep our employees and customers safe while conducting business with the Bruckner organization.
Here are some immediate action items Bruckner’s has implemented to help safeguard our customers:

  • Hand sanitizer available in all truck sales, parts & service departments and customer lounges.
  • Mandated increased thorough cleanings of customer lounges, parts/service countertops, and restrooms.
  • Expanded parts delivery area for customers and increased utilization of drop boxes to reduce public contact.
  • 10% off of freight costs through the end of March to reduce the need for your employees to travel in public. Possibility of extension as needed
  • ‘Will call’ parts orders via phone or email. Upon your arrival, we will bring the part to you from the warehouse and load it in your vehicles.
  • Expanded mobile fleet service coverage area for customers impacted by employee absences with a 5% labor discount through the end of March and will extend as needed. We would work with you to have the repair located somewhere on your property so we can make the repair and limit person to person exposure.

At Bruckner’s, one of our core values is “We Value Our People and Communities.” We realize this is a difficult time and recognize that many of our customers carry an extra burden of delivering needed products. As always Bruckner’s is committed to your safety and uptime to keep you on your delivery timelines.
Thank you for all you do to assist our country every day, but especially in its time of need!